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One should first examine perfect corners and edges
at face value.

In order for the full potential to unfold
the surface is a decisive factor.

For the optimal surface you have to
con­sider all para­meters.
The upstream processing…

… and further pro­cessing
after the blasting process. 

Because a round result is much more
than a super­ficial matter…

… our drive is always
the indi­vi­dually perfect surface.

We call it

The perfect surface depends on many para­meters. Before, during and after the blasting process.

As a system pro­vider, we know the requi­re­ments for a perfect surface inti­m­ately. We supply you with the optimum abrasive and the com­plete know-how for the entire blasting process with it. How is the upstream process designed, which blasting machine should be used and how is the product further pro­cessed? Tog­ether with you, we examine all upstream and down­stream pro­cesses and also carry out our own blasting tests. With us, you will always achieve the desired result in four clear steps, also and espe­cially with regard to the overall process costs. Get to know our pro­fes­sional competence … 

We call it

A blasting abrasive is more than a blasting agent. Alloy, shape, sieving – each indi­vidual cha­rac­te­ristic ulti­m­ately deter­mines the quality of the blasting process. A good choice of abrasive takes all aspects into account. Only then does it fit opti­mally into your value-added chain and achieve the desired effect. We call it Strahl­kraft. Read more …

Your appli­cation. Our abrasive.

From des­caling to surface opti­mi­sation – Metall­technik Schmidt (MTS) offers special, high-quality abra­sives for almost every area of appli­cation. Find out more …


We test in our own blasting facility.

In our MTS tech­nical centre, two cen­tri­fugal blasting systems are available, one for steel and one for alu­minium blasting tests. This enables our cus­tomers to optimise their blasting process in the course of a preli­minary test, espe­cially for their part spectrum or mate­rials.
More infor­mation …

More than 50 years of expertise and state-of-the-art technology

The success story of Metall­technik Schmidt (MTS) can easily be described with two words: cus­tomer ori­en­tation. This has been evident from the very beginning with our first product FERROSAD which, thanks to the extra­or­dinary demand, led to the foun­dation of the present company. We have been opti­mising our pro­ducts and deve­loping new alloys for over 50 years. All this takes place in intensive exchange with our cus­tomers and sup­pliers. Thus, in the course of our com­pany’s history, many custom solu­tions have been deve­loped for a very broad spectrum of cus­tomers. Further infor­mation about our company …

First-class quality starts with the raw material.

Just as each of your cus­tomers expects only the best quality; so can you from us. In order to gua­rantee the con­sis­t­ently high quality of our pro­ducts, we only use first-class raw mate­rials. For example, only new steel scrap of deep-drawing quality is used for the pro­duction of our low-carbon steel abrasive FERROSAD. Fur­thermore, each batch of our pro­ducts is sub­jected to che­mical ana­lysis and our tech­nical equipment is regu­larly updated to remain state-of-the-art. All pro­cesses within the company are cer­tified to ISO 9001, ISO 50001 and ISO 14001. The meti­cu­lously coor­di­nated pro­cesses are regu­larly checked by internal and external audits. The objective is con­stant, homo­ge­neous product quality. We can gua­rantee this since we produce exclu­sively at our Fil­der­stadt site in Germany. More infor­mation about our quality management …

Our abra­sives are esteemed worldwide.

How can we help you to optimise your blasting process? Custom solu­tions, such as special sieving, are also no problem for us. At Metall­technik Schmidt we have spe­cia­lists for every area and the­r­efore always the right contact person for you. Contact us whenever and whe­rever the blasting process with steel or alu­minium abra­sives is involved.  We are here for you …

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Discover the design possibilities beyond conventional manufacturing.

Custom metal powders for optimal 3D printing results.

Metall­technik Schmidt remains equally com­mitted to the material “metal” and the prin­ciple of “inno­vation” into the future, as is made clear by the new foun­dation of the MTS-Metal­powder company. Here, with the product MEPOSAD, ultra-fine metal powders in sel­ected alloys for 3D printers are deve­loped and manu­fac­tured. Find out more …

Magnetic floor cleaner MTS-3000

For more cle­an­liness in your production.

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