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We call it 

A blasting abrasive is more than a blasting agent. We call it Strahlkraft.

Alloy, shape, sieving – each indi­vidual feature ulti­m­ately deter­mines the quality of the blasting process. A good choice of abrasive takes all aspects into account. Only then does it fit opti­mally into your value-added chain and achieve the desired effect. Simply because the results of the blasting process have a long-term influence on the quality of many products.

That’s why we first look at the perfect surface from the cus­to­mer’s point of view. How does the blasting process affect the dura­bility of the sub­se­quent surface coating? What degree of purity must be achieved by the blasting process? Our drive is always the indi­vi­dually perfect surface, a round result that is much more than a super­ficial matter. We call it Strahlkraft.

Our product advantages

Metall­technik Schmidt has a wealth of expe­rience in all areas of the blasting process with metal alloys. This expertise flows con­sis­t­ently into every single one of our pro­ducts. That is why we also gua­rantee that the blasting process is effi­cient from the very beginning. Whether low-carbon steel abrasive or ferrite-free alu­minium abrasive, sphe­rical material (steel shot) or, angular grain (steel grit), there are some very con­crete advan­tages that speak for Metall­technik Schmidt pro­ducts, which, seen as a whole, mul­tiply to a decisive com­pe­titive advantage.

Low abrasive consumtion
Best surface coverage
Short blasting times
Lower plant wear and tear
Competent local service
Low dust accumulation
MTS Technical Centre


As a com­petent partner we are happy to perform blasting trial for initial sam­pling. In our new tech­nical centre we have two modern overhead con­veyor blasting systems. One unit is available spe­ci­fi­cally for blasting with steel abra­sives, the other for ferrite-free blasting. This allows you to assess the high quality of our pro­ducts under rea­listic con­di­tions without having to charge your own plant.

Ferrosad – Trial Blasting with Steel Abrasives (ferrous)
MTS Technical Centre blasting tests with steel abrasive (ferritic)
Alusad – Trail blasting with Aluminium Abrasive (non-ferrous)
Blasting tests with aluminium abrasive (ferrite-free)
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