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MTS-3000 Magnetic floor cleaner
For more cle­an­liness in your production

Cle­an­liness, safety and effi­ciency. The MTS-3000 Magnetic floor cleaner fulfils exactly for these requi­re­ments and should be deployed at any pro­duction site where ferro-metallic abra­sives are used.

  • Accident pre­vention: Risk of slipping due to abrasive shot pellets on the floor.
  • Savings potential: Usable abrasive com­ponents are sepa­rated from dust, sand residues, etc. and can be fed back into the blasting cycle. How many kilos of abrasive are dis­posed of per month in the waste?
  • Cle­an­liness at the work­place: Easy cleaning of the work paths and the envi­ronment of your blasting plant.
  • Alu­minium housing, base area 59 cm x 34 cm
  • Per­manent magnet, can be switched on and off mechanically
  • Distance from ground to magnetic plate height adjustable
  • Swivel castor for mano­euvrable handling, handy and easy to operate

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