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Low carbon steel abrasive

MTS FER­ROMIX was intro­duced espe­cially for appli­cation in steel con­s­truction, derusting and des­caling of beams, pro­files and sheets (> 5 mm). It con­sists of the low-carbon steel abra­sives FERROSAD and FER­ROPLUS. The mixture is indi­vi­dually adjusted to the cus­to­mer’s requi­re­ments with regard to grain size and mixing ratioand is deli­vered pre-mixed in a 20 kg. bag.

  • Highest degree of cleaning and higher Rz values without the use of sharp-edged grit
  • Low-stress blasting ope­ration, short blasting times and low abrasive consumption
  • Less dust in the plant, resulting in less dust deposit on the beams, pro­files and sheets
  • Optimum surface coverage during blasting, resulting in homo­ge­neous surfaces

Delivery form: Packed in PE bags of 20 kg. each. The shipment is made on Euro pallets in units of 1000 kg (50 bags @ 20 kg). The pallet is pro­tected with a card­board box and shrink-wrap foil. Or in1000 kg BigBag on Euro pallet pro­tected by shrink-wrap.
Or in barrels (2 pces. @ 800 kg ea.) on 1 Euro pallet and pro­tected by shrink-wrap.

Steel beam

Detail view hollow fillet

Detail view surface

Magnetic floor cleaner MTS-3000

For more cle­an­liness in your production.

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